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Welcome to STORM® Skills Training CIC 

We are a not-for-profit social business committed to enhancing knowledge and skills in suicide prevention and self-harm mitigation. Through our work, we hope to contribute to a world where suicide does not become an option; where distress is met with compassion; and where people feel able to ask for help.

Whilst doing ‘something’ to help someone in distress is valuable and important, doing something with a sound evidence base can have greater benefit.

The strength of STORM®, is that our workshops have been shown, by academic research, to be effective in developing & enhancing skills, improving attitudes and increasing confidence in helping someone in distress.

Our Evidence speaks for itself.    

At STORM®, we believe that no one should profit from another person’s distress.  

As a not-for-profit social business, we reinvest our surplus income into expanding our social impact.  In addition to building on our success with the creation of new and updated programmes, we run a number of Community Engagement programmes with a focus on suicide and self-harm.   Investing in STORM® is investing in social impact and value for you, your staff, your service users and across the community.  

Learn more about our Community Engagement Program.    

When tackling one of life’s most challenging and sensitive topics, you want to make sure that training is delivered in the right way.  You want to know:

The person providing the training is knowledgeable and experienced. 

Our STORM® Consultants are skilled trainers with a wide range of experiences and professional backgrounds.  They are also passionate about suicide prevention and self-harm mitigation.

The training being delivered is appropriate for all levels of knowledge and experience. 

Our training model uses small group sizes to maximise facilitation of leaning and skill development.  This means that the Consultant can maintain a safe learning environment whilst attending to each individuals' level of knowledge and experience. 

The training is relevant and in context.

Our training model can be applied to any context. Participants draw upon their own experiences to translate the skills they have learnt into practice.   

Learn more about our professional skills training packages.


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Skills Training packages for you

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Our Evidence

With an academic and clinical background, we know what works well in training and to help those in distress. Our packages are based on academic research and best practice with a focus on ‘real life’ experiences.

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